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The Curriculum Foundations Research Reports


Curriculum Foundations 1

The first report from the curriculum foundations include an introduction, and reports from disciplines including STEM fields, business and management, and teacher education. The report was published in 2004.


Curriculum Foundations 2

The second report from the curriculum foundations includes reports from additional partner disciplines including Agriculture, Arts, Economics, Meteorology, and Social Sciences.

Project Procedures and Protocol


Fishbowl Directions

Directions for organizing and facilitating a fishbowl conversation with partner disciplines.


Fishbowl PowerPoint

A modifiable PowerPoint slide deck that can be used in facilitating a fishbowl conversation


Partner Discipline Wish List Protocol

Directions for working with partner disciplines to develop a "wish list" for mathematics courses.


Site Visit Protocol

Any institutions who wish to visit one another can adapt the protocol that the SUMMIT-P institutions used during their first round of site visits. This protocol may be updated in the future.


Site Visit Follow-Up Questionnaire

The SUMMIT-P institutions utilized a questionnaire to follow-up following site visits. This is an initial version, and may be updated in the future.



Resource Directory

Members of the SUMMIT-P consortium are here for you! For advice at any particular point in your process, feel free to use this directory to find an appropriate contact for help.